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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] 3.1 stable hit and rsync error

Hi John,

Sorry for the delay. I usually tend to mirrors once a week. I'll process all the outstanding mirror requests later today, so you should be able to rsync in about 6 hours.

I have no objection to torrents  :)



John Reuning wrote:
While we're on the topic of rsync, how long does it usually take to add
a mirror to the ACL?  I'm just curious; I know you guys are probably
*very* busy. :)  When we get the 3.1 release, we'll add torrents (unless
someone objects).



On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 08:46 -0400, Denis Roy wrote:


I'm not sure about interstitials but I'm all for setting up a Mirror Appreciation page. If any other mirror sites would like to be in it, please let me know.

As of yesterday we have set up our own high capacity mirror site on a 100 Mbps link to try to relieve the load placed on our mirrors. It's been consuming about 50 Mbps for the last 12 hours. I hope it's helping.

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