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Re: [eclipse-dev] Bug verification and reopening

> From: Rodrigo Rocha Gomes e Souza <rodrigorgs@xxxxxxxxx>
> The page mentions "reviews". Are those reviews actually _code
> reviews_ (i.e., code inspection) or any kind of review (e.g., manualtesting)?

> Also, I see that Eclipse's Bugzilla has a "review" flag since 2007: 
> Does
> it refer to code review (i.e., inspection) or any kind of verification?

The "review" flag is used for code inspection reviews. That flag is only consistently used during the final end-game though when mandatory code reviews are used. To further complicate things, some components have started adopting gerrit so code reviews are being done in gerrit and there may be no sign of a review in the bugzilla data.


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