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[eclipse-dev] Giving notice: Plan to remove some "convenience downloads" from Eclipse Luna M3

I wanted to call the communities attention to two types of simplifications I plan to make for Luna M3.  

Bug 403811 - Do we really need so many slices of zipped repos?

Here I propose to do away with some of the small "pieces" of our repos, as being
separately downloadable zipped up repo files. People can still get them from the main
repository, of course. Please comment in the bug if this impacts you.

JDT Runtime Binary            
JDT SDK                      

PDE Runtime Binary        
PDE SDK          
CVS Client Runtime Binary      
CVS Client SDK  

Bug 419246 - Stop building/delivering "delta-pack"

This poor package has never been the same, since we no longer use PDE to build it.
Not to mention, I don't know of anyone who really needs it! If you do, please
comment in the bug.


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