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Re: [eclipse-dev] Bug verification and reopening

Rodrigo Rocha Gomes e Souza <rodrigorgs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote on 10/08/2013 12:47:55 PM:
> Hmm, interesting. Are the dates of the testing days documented
> anywhere (mailing list, wiki)?

It is generally the Tuesday of milestone week. When there are local holidays sometimes the schedule is shifted but that is the most common day.

> I'm assuming that most verifications correspond to manual testing,
> and that code review is not frequent. Is this a reasonable assumption?

I think most of the team uses "verified" to mean "confirm that the fix is in the build". The most preferred way is to try reproducing the original bug using the steps from the bug report, and related cases. Verifying by source inspection is usually a last resort when the problem is hard or impossible to reproduce (e.g., threading or locking problem, API documentation problem). If a code review happens it usually occurs before the fix is even released, so it is unrelated to the "verified" state in bugzilla.


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