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Re: [eclipse-dev] Bug verification and reopening

Hi Rodrigo, here are some quick answers to your original questions below...

Rodrigo Rocha Gomes e Souza <rodrigorgs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote on 10/07/2013 06:41:27 PM:

> * ... there's no testing team; instead, developers contribute both
> with fixes and verifications;

Correct.  I suspect dedicated testing teams are rare in open source projects - you won't find volunteers to do this all the time and it's not something that companies want to pay for. However open source projects get testing in different ways. For example there is a large community of early adopters who download alpha/beta builds and provide feedback. And then there are companies building hundreds of products on top of Eclipse, and those product teams have dedicated testers that trickles down to testing the open source parts as well. In Eclipse there is also heavy use of automated regression tests.

> * ... often, a developer asks a colleague to verify his/her fix;

This varies between components. Some components have only 1 or 2 committers and it is not practical to wait for a verifier. Some larger teams ask a colleague to verify, or the originator. There is no fixed process here across the whole project.

> * ... verification is more intense a week before the next milestone build.

Yes, the entire team does at least one dedicated testing day in the week of a milestone, and this is likely where the majority of verification happens.

> * ... verified bugs are 4x less likely to be reopened when the
> verifier states that he/she used code review, code inspection etc.

This is an interesting finding. How did you determine this - just based on the comment that was made at the time the bug was marked verified? Did you manually categorize these based on comments or have some heuristic?


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