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[eclipse-dev] Here is the current status of the next F2 candidate build

Problem                Status

Doc                        Test Build Built - Confirmed Doc and Webapp included
HPUX Permission        Test Build Built - Needs review  (Grant & Kevin)
UI                        Submitted (test change only) - Running Provisionary Test Build
New Xerces                Submitted - Running Provisionary Test Build
SWT                        Awaiting submission (Mike)  (ETA aprox. 15 minutes)
PDE                        Awaiting submission (Jim)    (ETA aprox. 15 minutes)

A "Provisionary" test build means I will kill the test build in the middle and restart a real build if I get the remaining submissions before it completes.  Even if the test builds complete they are not posted to  They are just tests to make sure things compile and get put in the right place.

Please send me email or phone me if you have any questions or comments.


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