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[eclipse-dev] F2 Candidate 2 build has started

F2 Candidate 2 build has started.  Here are the changes that went in:

Doc & WebDav                Submitted
HPUX Permission        (Note this fix does not appear to work but is not a stop ship.  Appears to be strange cvs permissions business)
UI                        Removed failing test.  Believed to be a problem with the test and not the product.
New Xerces                Submitted
SWT                        Submitted
PDE                        Submitted
VCM                        Submitted

Early results on our local mirror should be available in about 30 minutes.  Automated test results and availability on should be in about 90 minutes.

Note, it is just a coincidence that the upload time to is about the same time as the automated tests take to run.  We do try to get the builds to as soon after they are built as possible.

If you have any questions please send me email.


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