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Re: [eclipse-dev] Freeze 2 Candidate posted - automated tests are done.

The layouts of files in the installs are good. The about.html files for the
*.source plug-ins are now in place.

I will correct one minor problem with the PDE feature for the rebuild.

"go" for the install/license.


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Hi folks,

The Freeze 2 Candidate is now posted to  The build is
Integration build I20020601.  All the automated tests ran with only one
failure in UI.  The UI team will comment on this but from our discussion
last night this will not be a show stopper for test pass 2.

As we did for Freeze F1 all teams must give me a go or no go for declaring
this build F2 and suitable for test pass 2 which will begin Monday at 8:00

Please give me your go or no go as soon as possible.  There is no firm
deadline but we will need time to recover if there are problems found.  I
will be checking my email every hour from now on to look for go no go

If you need to reach me those that know my office phone number can call it.
I have the phone forwarded to my cell.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.


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