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[eclipse-dev] Current F2 Candidate no good - rebuild coming up

Hi folks,

Enough has been reported wrong with our 1st F2 candidate that the sniff tests should be considered a scrub.  Here is what went wrong and what the resolutions are:

1) No help doc or web app:  I have just received and integrated new buid.xmls from Rodrigo
2) New Xerces from IBM  (This was received around 10 am this morning.  It was sent yesterday afternoon but mail problems delayed it).  I am awaiting a submission from Core with the new Xerces.
3) UI will be submitting a fix.  I don't have details on what is fixed or an ETA.  I suspect it has to do with the failed test but I'm not sure.
4) Bogus permissions on SWT HPUX libraries.  We slammed the permissions in cvs to be correct.  This will get this build off the ground.

With this many changes I am afraid we should all start our sniff tests on the new build when it is available.


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