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Re: [ecf-dev] Discussion: Mars simultaneous release participation

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. I can't say in advance exactly how long each task will take, because in many cases (e.g. satisfying IP Documentation and Logs) it depends upon a number of 'known unknowns' (e.g. how many CQs we file, or how many code contributions are made by committers or contributors, or how much work the Tycho releng conversion work entails, etc.). All very difficult to predict precisely at this point.

as the process, requirements, and schedule for SR are very well documented already. Here's the process overview [1]. Here are the 'must dos' [2]. Here is the Mars plan and schedule [3].Â

It is very abstract to me. I have no feeling what all this means in terms of work. We will see.

To clarify:ÂÂ Wim apparently feel that

1) It's worth it for ECF to participate in Mars (question 1)
2) Wim is able and willing to contribute to the associated work to participate (thanks for that commitment)

I declare that I am sane and that no one forced me to sign this.

Before seeking other commitments and details and coordination on 2, are there any comments about the general importance of 1?

Not from me. Like I said it is all very abstract. I will learn along the way.