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Re: [ecf-dev] Discussion: Mars simultaneous release participation

On 11/12/2014 12:30 AM, Wim Jongman wrote:
Your plans are great. I would like to work on the tooling.

I would also like to see work done where the endpoint of a remote service is not a remote service. For example, we now have some RPi work but this requires Java and a remote service to run on the Pi. This will not be feasible in the IoT world because you cannot just run Java on a resources depleted microcontroller.

However, it would be nice if we could run a remote service on the manager and something very thin on the microcontroller (e.g. radio, Infrared, Bleutooth with a tiny comm layer)

I would very much like to see that work done as well. I'm all in favor...and just to be clear, ECF's provider architecture is the only RSA implementation that can even begin to address integration of Remote Services with non java+OSGi RS hosts (in short: by customizing or creating client-side RS providers that talk to non-OSGi hosts). With ECF's impl, this is a simple thing.

However, two things:

1) the question of whether ECF should participate in the Mars simultaneous release is separate any technical planning that we do. ECF can/will pursue any plans that make sense for ECF consumers, contributors, and committers...assuming resources are made available to do the work that we plan for. My own view is that if resources (time, contributions, etc) are not made available, then it doesn't particularly matter what we produce as a plan, since we won't have the means to execute on that plan.
2) Alone, I am currently unable to commit to doing all that's necessary to meet the requirements for the Mars simultaneous release...especially since I do think that at least some of my own time/contributions are better focused more on the plans in [1] and what you have suggested above.

Given 1 and 2, for me to agree to ECF's participation in Mars, it will take some specific commitments of resources...from committers, contributors, members, or someone in addition to myself. That's what I'm looking for before Dec 12: some commitment that someone is willing to provide enough resources to make possible our continued participation in the simultaneous release.