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Re: [ecf-dev] Discussion: Mars simultaneous release participation

Hi Folks,

Do people have comments on ECF's participation in Mars Simultaneous
Release?  I have to decide by M4+0, which is December 12.

At this moment, I am not inclined to commit to ECF's participation in
Mars, as it requires a fair amount of additional work (e.g. published
plan, releng, IP, meeting SR requirements [1]) of questionable benefit to
ECF consumers (see below).

This year, I'm not able to commit to doing all this work by myself, and so
will need additional commitments from the ECF committers and community in
order for us to participate in the Mars SR.


[1] https://wiki.eclipse.org/SimRel/Simultaneous_Release_Requirements

> Hi Folks,
> Since it's beginning nine years ago, ECF has participated in the annual
> Eclipse Foundation simultaneous release.    Over time, participation has
> added much value for ECF consumers, as the requirements for
> participation [1] have resulted in ECF having very reliable/predictable
> releases and higher quality via all of the associated release
> engineering (e.g. a stable and flexible build, automated testing,
> supporting multiple distribution targets, documentation, etc).
> Another potential benefit of the SR is the associated
> marketing/visibility for the project.   I would argue, however, that ECF
> gets very little marketing value from the EF, and that seems to me very
> unlikely to change.
> There are significant repeating costs on ECF:  i.e. meeting all of the
> requirements [1], preparing and doing reviews, submitting plans, etc.,
> etc.   At this point, meeting many of these requirements have been
> nicely automated via our previous release engineering work (primarily by
> Markus K and others), but unfortunately many of them can't be automated,
> and the resources to complete these requirements (e.g. my and others'
> time) are becoming more restricted.
> Questions to discuss:
> 1) Do people see continued value to ECF committers/contributors and
> consumers in participation in the SR?
> 2) If your answer is yes:  are you willing to provide resources (i.e.
> committer and/or contributor time) to make this happen?
> The time driver for this discussion is that all participating projects
> must declare their intention to participate by Mars M4, which this year
> is December 12.   I'm starting this discussion early so that everyone in
> the community that wishes may provide input to the decision.
> Thanks,
> Scott
> [1] https://wiki.eclipse.org/SimRel/Simultaneous_Release_Requirements
> [2]
> https://wiki.eclipse.org/SimRel/Simultaneous_Release_Requirements#State_intent_early_.28M4.29
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