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[ecf-dev] Zoodiscovery Centralized Server


I'm working on some demo projects in order to understand ECF concepts and learn usage. I've successfully implemented a whiteboard-pattern service/listener_service configuration using RS and Zoodiscovery in standalone mode.

However, when I switch Zoodiscovery to centralized mode in both of the computers, and let one of them be the centralized server, the other computer's registrations are not discovered.

Searching about this problem, I've found a similar case written by Wim Jongman about the ECF Chat client. Here is the mail: http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/ecf-dev/msg06622.html

As stated by Wim, I also fired up zooserver in a third machine, and it worked up correctly. However, there was no solution to the same computer problem in the upcoming mails.

Has there been any solutions to this problem since that day?

As a sidenote, I'm experimenting Guice/Peaberry for service registration; and it performs OK.

Muammer Eroglu