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Re: [ecf-dev] [Gsoc] - Remote serice Testing TooL

On 07/31/2013 03:25 AM, Salinda Jayawardana wrote:
> Project source can be found here  [1]
> [1] -svn checkout 
> or 

Hi Salinda,

I imported/converted the svn repository into git and created a Github
repo [1] out of it to be able to do a code review. The branch
"code-review" [2] contains my list of recommendations and questions.
Please go over the list of commits and answer my review questions and
work on my suggestions by end of tomorrow 08/01 by 10am UTC. Afterwards
I will make the final call on whether you pass midterm.

> Note:- There is separate directory called "Old " there you can find 
> another project that is my first attempt to generate java code using 
> string template later i moved into AST processor.If you are
> interested you can have look that as well that also fully functioning
> code.

You do not need to keep an "old" folder in subversion. A source code
versioning system like SVN maintains the history for you. Just
delete/overwrite old code and commit. If you ever need the code again,
the history will have it.

> Only missing part is unit testing I have left that part to complete
> at the end of the project Appreciated a lot if you allow me to do it
> at the end because honestly I don't know how to write these test
> cases, I have tried to generate junit test case using eclipse but
> generated files were empty. When I exploring ECF source repository I
> saw test is a separate bundle. I will crate similar type of test
> project for this plugin and  added this task to my road map[0]

Assuming you pass midterm, do unit tests next. Far more important than
documentation! Generally, I consider test driven development a best



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