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Re: [ecf-dev] [Gsoc] - Remote serice Testing TooL

HI Markus and All

Here is the summary of the current phase (Actully project name should remote service generating and testing tool)

Supporting functionalities  are
  1. Create Asyn service interface template.
  2. Create Async service impl class template.
  3. Create Non-Async service (normal remote service)  impl class.

All above code generation support for generating any type of return statements , parameters and exceptions I have used stranded AST passer for generating codes with JLS4 specification.(I have used eclipse kepler with jdk 1.7 for the development )

Also I have introduced two new annotation those are already exist(need to modify)in the ECF remote service project. those existing annotations will be used when integrating the project with ECF source.(I did this because easy for current testing).

Project road map can be found here[0]

[0] -

I think every thing else is done hopefully have meet your expectation level.  

Project source can be found here  [1]

[1] -svn checkout or

Note:- There is separate directory called "Old " there you can find another project that is my first attempt to generate java code using string template later i moved into AST processor.If you are interested you can have look that as well that also fully functioning code.

user guide can be found here [2]


Small Demo[3] can be see here [3]

[3] - (use google chrome browser to see this video)

Only missing part is unit testing I have left that part to complete  at the end of the project Appreciated a lot if you allow me to do it at the end because honestly I don't know how to write these test cases, I have tried to generate junit test case using eclipse but generated files were empty. When I exploring ECF source repository I saw test is a separate bundle. I will crate similar type of test project for this plugin and  added this task to my road map[0]

Thanks and Regards

On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:58 AM, Suneth Vijayindu <svijayindu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Harshana Ayye,

On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 2:10 AM, Harshana Eranga Martin <harshana05@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Suneth,

Please note the below note from Markus!

Thanks and Regards,
Harshana Martin
Harshana Eranga Martin
Senior Software Engineer,
WSO2 Inc.

ECF Committer:

On 29 July 2013 01:01, Markus Alexander Kuppe
<> wrote:
> On 07/23/2013 07:39 PM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
>> On 07/23/2013 03:34 PM, Salinda Jayawardana wrote:
>>> Thank you for putting me into the right track I am almost finish the
>>> above task (Generating codes) will update the wiki and jura with the
>>> detail explanation about the solution Code will be uploaded into github
>> Hi Salinda,
>> just for the record and to make sure we are all on the same page here...
>> The fact that you disappeared for weeks without notice or any visible
>> progress means your midterm results will have to be excellent and exceed
>> my expectations in order for you to pass midterm. If we/I do not see
>> functional code (covering a good portion of the project's use cases)
>> with proper documentation and unit tests by the end of this week, will
>> mean you fail midterm.
>> Generally, GSoC is about _open source development_ and one essential
>> characteristic of OSS is open and visible collaboration. For you this
>> means we expect regular progress reports, asking/answering questions
>> publicly on the mailing list, bugs opened and commented on in Bugzilla
>> (btw. for you this is actually an advantage as you get to show your
>> skills publicly and can later add them to your resume).
>> To summarize:
>> - Exceptional results (code-wise) expected to pass midterm (and receive
>> midterm payment)
>> - Blog post about current progress and future road-map
>> - Assuming you pass midterm, public participation and collaboration
>> within ECF will be a hard requirement to pass final exam (exceptional
>> results alone won't be enough to pass finals)
>> Regards
>> Markus
> Hi Salinda,
> any updates? Right now I do not see (visible) progress that would
> justify a positive midterm evaluation.
> Btw. keep in mind that I will need a day or two to study your results.
> Thus, I need your work by Wednesday 07/31 8am UTC.
> Markus
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> ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank You

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