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[ecf-dev] [Gsoc] - Remote serice Testing TooL

Hi Markus and all

I am bit confused about the actual usecase when I start coding So please help me to verify the requirement correctly 

According  to my understanding I am trying to crate a tool which can be use for following use case

user create  a Interface called Ical 

public Interface Ical{

int add(int a, int b);


Then user create another interface Iacal (advance cal)

public interface Iacal extends IAsyncRemoteService{
  double funcA(int a, IAsyncCallaback<Double> callback);


Then user Implement above 2interfaces in a class 

Then user create Test Class to test above service ,But current test fream-work(done at last gsoc project)  cannot test Aysncronus  service 

So my task here is to modify the test framework run both type service ,user can category service using annotation 

According to the my proposal i was planing to use a service interface define both type of service ,service type will be identifyign  using annotation but I was cording I feel this is wrong since Aysnc service need new interface which extends from IAsyncRemoteService.

Could you please guid me to identify the real requirement   of this new tool

Also I have develop some code How can i share that code (since I cannot commit elf location)


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