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Re: [ecf-dev] [Gsoc] - Remote serice Testing TooL

On 07/23/2013 07:39 PM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
> On 07/23/2013 03:34 PM, Salinda Jayawardana wrote:
>> Thank you for putting me into the right track I am almost finish the
>> above task (Generating codes) will update the wiki and jura with the
>> detail explanation about the solution Code will be uploaded into github 
> Hi Salinda,
> just for the record and to make sure we are all on the same page here...
> The fact that you disappeared for weeks without notice or any visible
> progress means your midterm results will have to be excellent and exceed
> my expectations in order for you to pass midterm. If we/I do not see
> functional code (covering a good portion of the project's use cases)
> with proper documentation and unit tests by the end of this week, will
> mean you fail midterm.
> Generally, GSoC is about _open source development_ and one essential
> characteristic of OSS is open and visible collaboration. For you this
> means we expect regular progress reports, asking/answering questions
> publicly on the mailing list, bugs opened and commented on in Bugzilla
> (btw. for you this is actually an advantage as you get to show your
> skills publicly and can later add them to your resume).
> To summarize:
> - Exceptional results (code-wise) expected to pass midterm (and receive
> midterm payment)
> - Blog post about current progress and future road-map
> - Assuming you pass midterm, public participation and collaboration
> within ECF will be a hard requirement to pass final exam (exceptional
> results alone won't be enough to pass finals)
> Regards
> Markus

Hi Salinda,

any updates? Right now I do not see (visible) progress that would
justify a positive midterm evaluation.

Btw. keep in mind that I will need a day or two to study your results.
Thus, I need your work by Wednesday 07/31 8am UTC.


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