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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF remote services support for Eclipse 3.5.x

Hi Folks,

Just to let everyone know the status of this.

Today/Monday I added a feature patch feature to the ECF sdk build, so that now our p2 with the SDK has in it a patch for 3.5.X Eclipse installations...that allow them to also install/use the ECF 3.2 SDK...and get access to all the remote service features, etc. The only thing necessary for people to do is to make sure they install the ECF core patch feature (either before or with the ECF 3.2 SDK). Obviously, I will put instructions to this effect on the download/install page before the release.

If people would like to install/test, can get a build (zip) that includes the latest of everything here:

You will need to download the zip, unzip to some local disk location and then use Eclipse p2 install. Please do this if you can...and if you find any issues with install please create a bug and bring it up here on the mailing list. (note...the above build is not signed, so you should get a warning about that on install...but the actual release bits will be signed).


Thomas Hallgren wrote:
On 02/15/2010 05:36 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:

You you please open a bug and/or bring this up directly with the p2 team for 3.6/Helios? I don't currently have personal bandwidth to deal with it.

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