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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF remote services support for Eclipse 3.5.x

Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 02/15/2010 09:40 AM, Wim Jongman wrote:
Are you saying that ecf core is not part of ECF but of P2? If so, then
shouldn't p2 be dependend on the ecf core feauture so that it can be
installed an upgraded separately from p2? This instead of including it?
But if it is installed separately, will P2 still work after upgrading
ECF core?

+1 the root cause for this dilemma is the inclusion of ECF in p2. Are we
going to make sure that with Helios, Equinox (p2) is going to reference
ECF's platform feature? Otherwise we will face the same problem again
after Helios.

If we want to make sure of anything WRT how the platform does things in terms of releng then we need to

1) open a bug against p2 (and or releng) describing exactly what we want changed 2) get the attention of the p2 folks by posting on the p2-dev mailing list (pointing to the bug from 1)
3) follow things through with regular nagging of the p2/releng team

I'm fine for us doing these things (hopefully prior to Helios), but I cannot do them myself right now...and even with best case realistically they won't be addressed this week.

So for this ECF release (3.2) I will create a feature patch for the ECF core bundles...for Eclipse 3.5.1. Then people will be able to update 3.5.1 with the new ECF core bundles, and then install the ECF 3.2 SDK. Someone else please take the lead on getting the p2 releng adjusted as described above.

Trying to understand this. Will there be à conference today?

According to Google Calendar we have a con call scheduled for today
17:00 CET.

I cannot attend the call this morning. Please someone who is going to attend the call let me know via Skype or email and I will provide you with the moderator passcode.



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