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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF remote services support for Eclipse 3.5.x

On 02/15/2010 03:43 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Thomas,

Thomas Hallgren wrote:
Just to be clear, p2 will use whatever ECF packages that are installed and will allow them to be upgraded. p2 uses lower bounds on some of the package inclusions, but that's the only restrain that p2 puts on the OSGi runtime with respect to ECF.

Thus, it is possible to both install and to upgrade the ECF bundles today. p2 does not need to rely on a specific ECF feature for that to happen. If you want to upgrade ECF, well then just install a feature of your choice that includes ECF (or upgrade one if it's already present) and p2 will use whatever gets installed.

Although I would like this to work this way, currently it does not...I'm not sure why not. Yesterday, I created an ECF sdk that included new versions of the ECF core bundles (i.e. org.eclipse.ecf). I attempted to install these into Eclipse 3.6m6...and p2 refused. The error message was something akin to 'can only have one version of bundle <ecf core bundle>'.

It's likely that you can trace back in the output and see exactly what two location it is that references the conflicting versions of the core bundle. Something tells me that it will not be a p2 bundle.

Example; Buckminster uses ECF. If our core feature is updated, that might imply an upgrade of ECF. As long as all bundles in the targeted runtime are OK with that, with respect to their requirements, there's no conflict.

I'm not sure what about things is not behaving as expected, but this is not the behavior I'm getting. I suspect it has something to do with the way that the platform is including the ECF bundles (apparently, they are part of the p2.ui feature...why they are doing this this way I don't know).

We need to take a closer look at the error messages that you are getting and analyze where the culprit is. I bet it's two features that uses 'include' with exact versions that causes this. If you can post the errors here, I'd be happy to help.

Thomas Hallgren

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