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Re: [ecf-dev] build easier next steps

Ted Kubaska wrote:
Thanks. I did get Buckminster installed in my Eclipse IDE and
successfully ran the demo example from the book.

I'm trying to install the headless version, but ran into some
difficulty as described below. Can you give me some further advice?

I interpreted Appendix A to say the following...

Download the director. I read on www,
In order to install the headless buckminster, you must use the P2
director. A headless command line version of the director can be found

I downloaded and unzipped it into
/opt/headlessDirector. This produces a directory called director.

That's expected. The director is the bare minimum headless application that can be used for installing anything based on P2. You can use this to install Buckminster or to install the Eclipse IDE if you want.

I then entered the directory called director and issued the command as
described in Appendix A.

director -r «repo-location» -d «install-folder» -p Buckminster -i
 I got the following...

ted@MyHeron:/opt/headlessDirector/director$ ./director -r -d
/opt/headlessBucky -p Buckminster -i
Installing org.eclipse.buckminster.cmdline.product 1.1.350.r10447.
Operation completed in 34012 ms.
ted@MyHeron:/opt/headlessDirector/director$ ls
artifacts.xml  configuration  director  director.bat  eclipse.ini  p2  plugins

That looks correct. The 'ls' here is of the home of the director application. It doesn't change.

Now I want to install additional features. Appendix A says I can use
the just installed Buckminster and gives the syntax as

buckminster «repository-url» «feature-id [ «version» ]
Where «repository-url» is the same as in the previous step, and
«feature-id» is one of the features listed below. Optionally, a
specific version can be installed. Here are the features you can

     The Core functionality — this feature is required if you want to
do anything with
      Buckminster  except installing additional features.

and so I entered the directory /opt/headlessBucky which has an
executable buckminster and entered the following, replacing
repository-url with but then
got the following error...

ted@MyHeron:/opt/headlessBucky$ ./buckminster
Command '' not found

I think I need to supply a command (but Appendix A does not show this
in the syntax). So I tried

ted@MyHeron:/opt/headlessBucky$  ./buckminster

And as you can see, it was silent. So I don't know if anything happened.

Two things happened.
1. You discovered a documentation typo and made a correct assumption about what the correct syntax ought to be. You can use the short form 'install' for the command if you want. The qualified form is there to avoid conflicts that might arise in the unlikely event that several third-party vendors adds similar commands to buckminster :-). Even if that should happen, I doubt that someone would ever create a conflict with the commands that we bundle with the initial product.
2. You installed the headless feature without problems.

You should be able to verify this by issuing the command:

./buckminster lscmds

It will now give you a list of commands and preferences that includes things from o.e.b.core.

Can you please enter a bugzilla against our doc component for the typo?

Thomas Hallgren

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