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[ecf-dev] build easier next steps

Hi Folks,

At last Tuesday's conference call we discussed the next steps for moving over from our current build to Hudson+Buckminster. We decided that it would be a good idea to have another GotoMeeting session, so that Markus K can/could spread around the knowledge of the current setup that we have with Hudson, Buckminster, PDE Build on the OSUOSL server (there are two of them, and

So, first I would like to find a day and time for this that works for Markus, and then any interested in participating further can attend the Go2Meeting session. So Markus, please let all know when you would be available for this and I'll setup a GotoMeeting session and make announcements about the timing here.



For reference from the discussion last week, here are the changes/additions that have to be addressed for the Hudson/Buckminster-based ECF build:

1) Introduce bundle signing. We already sign our built bundles (via ant scripts), and this will have to be done via the new build. It's apparently readily done, and the Buckminster Book has example code and docs about how to do this (thanks Henrik).

2) Introduce a new 'platform' feature. We have to build/make available on a weekly basis ~11 bundles to the platform (to use for p2 filetransfer). The platform integration build is done every week, probably on Wednesday. So we need to produce built versions of these 11 bundles for the weekly platform integration build by 5pm pacific Monday of every week. To facilitate this, I've created a new platform feature and committed to CVS in module: org.eclipse.ecf/releng/features/org.eclipse.ecf.platform-feature. We should be able to set up the build to build this feature (on Monday, e.g.) and then use the latest built version of these plugins to compile all our other ECF plugins against.

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