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Re: [ecf-dev] How to run XMPP tests locally?

Hi Jorg,

Jörg Rathlev wrote:

The following tests still fail:
- RemoteServiceTest.testGetServiceReferences
- RemoteServiceTest.testGetServiceReferencesWithFilter

the test cases are actually located in org.eclipse.ecf.tests.remoteservice.AbstractRemoteServiceTest.

There seems to be a problem with GUIDs being used where XMPPIDs are expected, but I'm not sure yet what the actual problem is.

I think that this happens becasue the tests try to request the service from the other container based on its ID, but the container ID is a GUID and the XMPP provider doesn't know how to send an AddRegistrationRequest to a GUID. Should I open a bug for this?

Yes.  You are right that these should be XMPPIDs rather than GUIDs.

It looks to me as if the tests currently cannot succeed with the XMPP provider.

If I replace in the tests getCient(0).getID() with getClient(0).getConnectedID(), which returns an XMPPID, the tests succeed for the XMPP provider. Unfortunately, this also causes the same tests to fail for the org.eclipse.ecf.tests.remoteservice bundle...

Yes, this will have to be fixed as well...I'm not sure that replacing getClientID().getID() with getClient(0).getConnectedID() is the right/appropriate fix...but need to reconsult that test code to be sure.




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