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Re: [ecf-dev] How to run XMPP tests locally?

Hi Scott,

So, for example, for two users and a chat room called 'ecf' defined on target server, the system properties would look like this:


thanks for the list, I missed the chat room property. Most tests work now.

The following tests still fail:
- RemoteServiceTest.testGetServiceReferences
- RemoteServiceTest.testGetServiceReferencesWithFilter
There seems to be a problem with GUIDs being used where XMPPIDs are expected, but I'm not sure yet what the actual problem is.

- ChatTest.testSendMessageProperties
Only fails when run as part of the test suite. When I re-run only the single test case, it succeeds. I've not tried to debug this one yet.

Also, the tests in XMPPSearchTest expect specific user names to be configured on the XMPP server. After replacing the names with users that exist on my test server, these tests succeed.


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