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[ecf-dev] DS for ResourceRepresentations

Hi Scott, Hi Holger 

I started elaborating the is approach. 
I check programmatically if DS is running by getting references to the
ConfigurationListener-Service. I looked through the DS implementation
and to my understanding, the main DS Service is registered this way:


// add the configuration listener - we to receive CM events to restart
// components
cmTrackerReg = bc.registerService(ConfigurationListener.class.getName(),
scrManager, null);

My current implementation that checks whether DS is running looks like

private boolean isDSRunning(BundleContext context) {
	ServiceReference[] serviceReferences = null;
	try {
		serviceReferences =
			ConfigurationListener.class.getName(), null);
	} catch (InvalidSyntaxException e) {
		// ignore
	return serviceReferences != null 
		&& serviceReferences.length > 0;

Any thought on this??

My current approach it marked org.eclipse.equinox.ds as optional
dependency. I kept the DS configurations and check programmatically if
DS is running. If it is not, the factory-service is registered
programmatically and the resource-factory tracks bundles
programmatically. It looks like everything's running fine even without
DS running. 
I'll append my patch asap.

Hope to get your feedback and ideas on this!


André Dietisheim
Head of Eclipse Development

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