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Re: [ecf-dev] Changing DocShare requirements to Java 1.5 and up - any objections?

Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

OSGi has to run on various devices, that's why you see OSGi running on web servers, embedded devices, desktops, ski lifts, military devices, BMW 5 series, etc...

I personally attribute a lot of OSGi's success to this methodology. Try to keep the lowest denominator so you can get maximum usage.

There's more to Java than just the desktop, remember that :)

Turn it around. The reason embedded devices, desktops, ski lifts, military devices, BMW 5 series still run on Java 1.4 is because they still can. If frameworks linger on old technology, so will the applications using it. Forever.

If OSGi upgraded to 1.5 for it's next major release, all current OSGi apps would still run as long as they don't also upgrade. New apps using the new framework would require new compilers. That would add an incentive to speed up an adoption that IMHO should have been over and done with a long time ago.

I know I'm rambling, just want to share another perspective. I'm old enough to still remember the pain from being forced to write K&R C and not upgrade to ANSI with proper function prototypes just because some obscure platform didn't have the compilers to support it. I'll write a blog-post on the topic someday and we can continue the discussion there :-)

Thomas Hallgren

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