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[ecf-dev] Changing DocShare requirements to Java 1.5 and up - any objections?

Hi fellow ECFers,

As you may know, the ECF plug-ins require Java 1.4 and up as execution

Over the last couple of weeks I have been updating Cola and
integrating it with DocShare.

Since Cola is fairly heavy on Collections (and I rely on Generics and
I don't like working with what I perceive as outdated Java language
spec), I have been using the Java 1.5 language extensions in my
development work. Committing Cola code to the ECF CVS requires me to
strip the sources of said extensions though.

Instead of having to go back and forth between Cola's surrogate mother [hosting the Java 1.5 code] and
the ECF CVS, I'd like to update the DocShare requirements accordingly.

Is this OK with everyone or do you see any problems?



Mustafa K. Isik


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