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Re: [ecf-dev] Changing DocShare requirements to Java 1.5 and up - any objections?

> Bah! There's a bit more to Java 1.5 then cosmetics ;-)
> I was genuinely surprised that p2 chose to stay so low in EE. After all,
> Java 1.4.2 reaches "End Of Service Life" in October (see
> May it rest in peace...
> When will OSGi make the leap?

OSGi has to run on various devices, that's why you see OSGi running on web servers, embedded devices, desktops, ski lifts, military devices, BMW 5 series, etc...

I personally attribute a lot of OSGi's success to this methodology. Try to keep the lowest denominator so you can get maximum usage.

There's more to Java than just the desktop, remember that :)

However in this case, I could imagine the core doc-sharing code be reused , but the UI pieces be specialized.


~ Chris

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