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[ecf-dev] secure storage of ECF IDs and passwords, user data, etc.

Hi Folks,

I've been writing some code to use the new Equinox secure storage (ISecurePreferences) to store ECF Namespaces/IDs, along with any desired information (passwords, user data, etc). The intention is that any namespace provider (i.e. any provider that creates a new namespace and new ID types...e.g. XMPPID, YahooID, OpenID, etc) could use this API to easily store and retrieve IDs and associated data for accounts/users, IContainers, remote services, etc. It will also be possible to associate multiple IDs/accounts with a single user ID (e.g. a ID/Principal that represents a user login/role that has been authenticated via Equinox JAAS) to implement things like single sign-on.

The basic idea here is to create an IDStore that allows IDs to be created/stored/retrieved/removed.

I've create this enhancement request to track/discuss/review this work as it continues

If you have a chance, please get the source for the and and make comments, express thoughts, help write test/example code, contribute API ideas, etc.

Please note: this will only compile on Eclipse/Equinox 3.4, because of the dependency on the (new) Equinox secure preferences. It will *not* be in ECF 2.0.0/Ganymede.



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