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Re: [ecf-dev] Initial upload of jSLP provider to

Scott, Marcus,
Buckminster is one of the few projects that use SVN at Eclipse. I'm switching between using the Subclipse and the Subversive clients for SVN and both of them provide sufficient tools (compare, merge, etc.). For us, SVN has been a positive experience. The server at Eclipse works very well. A few quirks got polished off by Denis at the beginning and since then it's been great.

I can't say how well the releng mapfiles etc. will work since we don't use that (we use our own product to control the build).

I'd be happy to answer any questions regarding our experience so far with Eclipse and SVN.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren

Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Markus,

Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
Scott Lewis wrote:
We use jSLP internally and build from source from an internal CVS
server.  We build both a pure OSGi bundle and an Eclipse plugin and
reference it via a feature.  Assuming it's alright with Jan we'd be
happy to contribute any of these build scripts if it helps.  Also note
that it was our experience (3 - 4 months ago) that building from an
SVN repository is not just a matter of changing the Map files, and it
was easier and cleaner for us to stick with CVS.  If this is no longer
the case I'd love to know :)
It would be easier and cleaner for us to stick with CVS as well (I'm a
fan of SVN, personally) but the build...especially PDE build just gets
more complicated when multiple repositories are used.

What about migrating to SVN completely, supposably ECF moves to Tools
and we are going to restructure CVS anyway?

We are not doing the tools move review this week, but may very well do it sometime in the future.

RE: restructuring CVS...yes, but moving to SVN has other implications (first off: not sure whether platform/equinox can use SVN for build, and ECF will have core + filetransfer bundles as part of provisioning).

And I have a general question RE: SVN...are the Eclipse clients (subclipse or other) high-functioning now (e.g. compare/merge, etc)?

In any event...SVN is a possibility, but I'm not sure if it's the best thing yet...maybe...I remain open to it myself. Others please chime in positively or negatively for ECF.



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