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Re: [ecf-dev] Initial upload of jSLP provider to

Scott Lewis wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> This looks really good.  Some question (for you and/or Jan) to figure
> out how to add SLP to the ECF osuosl build.
> To incorporate the  jSLP bundle we will have to either
> 1) Build it from source

Some time ago I've floated the idea around of having a continuous build
for jSLP. Why not use ecf1/ as a build server for jSLP? I
guess it would be as easy adding the SVN url to the map file to fetch
the source from It'd only require minor changes to make jSLP
buildable with PDE rather than Maven (missing, version
number (.qualifier), ...)

> 2) Copy some version of the jSLP bundle jar into the build area during
> the build.
> I would suggest that for now, we do 2, and simply download the
> previously built jSLP bundle jar from some web location at build time. 
> This is easy to do...we do it now for the apache httpclient bundle
> (provided by Orbit project).

+1 as a quick and simple solution for the moment

> One difficulty this introduces, however, is working on
> org.eclipse.ecf.provider.jslp within an Eclipse there is
> no Eclipse project at sourceforge (or is there?) that is loadable into
> developer's workspace.  Currently you can take the jslp jar and add it
> to the target platform to get it to compile, but this is not optimal, as
> you can't do source debugging, etc.  Is there some way that an Eclipse
> plugin project with the jSLP source could be created so that we could
> access it via anonymous CVS?

SVN at contains a project usable from inside Eclipse (IIRC is missing to turn it into a working bundle). But even
as a precompiled binary project source can still be attached. The source
just has to be included in the bundle.

> If we want to move the jSLP bundle over to, at some
> point we will have to submit a contribution questionnaire, along with a
> particular version of the source code to Eclipse Foundation's IP
> at that point, we will have to use a stable version of the
> source (since a change in version will trigger an additional legal review).
> Also, after jSLP has been through this legal review, it might make sense
> to contribute it to the Orbit project (third party bundles)...and then
> the Orbit build would take care of auto-creation of the bundle for us.

I'm not sure if Jan is really into this, but theoretically it would be
possible to move the whole OSGi jSLP to and license it
under the EPL? Then we would be allowed to continue development directly


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