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Re: [ecf-dev] Initial upload of jSLP provider to

Hi Markus,

This looks really good. Some question (for you and/or Jan) to figure out how to add SLP to the ECF osuosl build.

To incorporate the  jSLP bundle we will have to either

1) Build it from source
2) Copy some version of the jSLP bundle jar into the build area during the build.

I would suggest that for now, we do 2, and simply download the previously built jSLP bundle jar from some web location at build time. This is easy to do...we do it now for the apache httpclient bundle (provided by Orbit project). One difficulty this introduces, however, is working on org.eclipse.ecf.provider.jslp within an Eclipse there is no Eclipse project at sourceforge (or is there?) that is loadable into developer's workspace. Currently you can take the jslp jar and add it to the target platform to get it to compile, but this is not optimal, as you can't do source debugging, etc. Is there some way that an Eclipse plugin project with the jSLP source could be created so that we could access it via anonymous CVS?

Further, using the jar brings up a couple of other questions

a) Is the URL given below:

permanent? That is, will the jslp jar be there for all automated builds, etc...or should we copy a version to (e.g.) I would be inclined to copy a known-good version to (1.0_RC1 or something else).

b) Is the 1.0RC1 going to be updated soon? i.e. will there be a 1.0 final sometime soon?

If we want to move the jSLP bundle over to, at some point we will have to submit a contribution questionnaire, along with a particular version of the source code to Eclipse Foundation's IP at that point, we will have to use a stable version of the source (since a change in version will trigger an additional legal review).

Also, after jSLP has been through this legal review, it might make sense to contribute it to the Orbit project (third party bundles)...and then the Orbit build would take care of auto-creation of the bundle for us.



Markus Alexande Kuppe wrote:

I'm done uploading the jSLP provider to, but atm. it doesn't compile with
HEAD. Unfortunately the members in AbstractDiscoveryContainerAdapter are
private and JSLPDiscoveryContainer cannot access them. Also
AbstractDiscoveryContainerAdapter is missing getConnectedID(). If
somebody with commit rights could change this (patch attached), or do
you prefer I open a bug?

The jSLP provider obviously has a dependency towards jSLP. This jSLP
bundle can be found at

----------------- snip ------------------

### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0
#P org.eclipse.ecf.discovery
Index: src/org/eclipse/ecf/discovery/
RCS file:
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -r1.2
src/org/eclipse/ecf/discovery/	1
Oct 2007 20:07:27 -0000	1.2
src/org/eclipse/ecf/discovery/	11
Oct 2007 13:24:41 -0000
@@ -29,9 +29,9 @@

 public abstract class AbstractDiscoveryContainerAdapter extends
AbstractContainer implements IDiscoveryContainerAdapter, IContainer {
- 	private final String servicesNamespaceName;
-	private final Map serviceListeners;
-	private final Collection serviceTypeListeners;
-	private final DiscoveryContainerConfig config;
+ 	protected final String servicesNamespaceName;
+	protected final Map serviceListeners;
+	protected final Collection serviceTypeListeners;
+	protected final DiscoveryContainerConfig config;

 	public AbstractDiscoveryContainerAdapter(String aNamespaceName,
DiscoveryContainerConfig aConfig) {
 		servicesNamespaceName = aNamespaceName;
@@ -224,4 +224,11 @@
+	/* (non-Javadoc)
+	 * @see org.eclipse.ecf.core.IContainer#getConnectedID()
+	 */
+	public ID getConnectedID() {
+		return config.getID();
+	}

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