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Re: [ecf-dev] Initial upload of jSLP provider to

Scott Lewis wrote:
>> We use jSLP internally and build from source from an internal CVS
>> server.  We build both a pure OSGi bundle and an Eclipse plugin and
>> reference it via a feature.  Assuming it's alright with Jan we'd be
>> happy to contribute any of these build scripts if it helps.  Also note
>> that it was our experience (3 - 4 months ago) that building from an
>> SVN repository is not just a matter of changing the Map files, and it
>> was easier and cleaner for us to stick with CVS.  If this is no longer
>> the case I'd love to know :)
> It would be easier and cleaner for us to stick with CVS as well (I'm a
> fan of SVN, personally) but the build...especially PDE build just gets
> more complicated when multiple repositories are used.

What about migrating to SVN completely, supposably ECF moves to Tools
and we are going to restructure CVS anyway?


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