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Re: [ecf-dev] Initial upload of jSLP provider to

Hi Markus,

Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
Scott Lewis wrote:
1) In the short term (next week), we (Markus, myself, and Ted) work to
add the SLP provider to the osuosl build, by retriving the current jslp
bundle (at
during build (via map file http we do now with Orbit
httpclient).  We will use the current version of jSLP (1.0M2) and
distribute both the jslp jar binary and Markus' SLP provider bundle via
a new osuosl feature (e.g. org.eclipse.ecf.provider.). 


Markus:  Add appropriate about.html to ECF SLP bundle, checkin provider
test code (to tests module).  (bug
ACK, will start working on it soon. Btw. I want to create a seperate
test bundle for JMDNS too and move the JMDNS related tests from
test.discovery there. The test.discovery tests would then test discovery
SPI independent of a specific provider. Any objections, otherwise I'd
start creating a patch?

No, no objections.  In fact, I propose that we start having provider-specific test code in new test bundles of the form:


e.g. org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.jmdns

Also we can create a new provider test support bundle and move common provider test code into it.  It will be called org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider


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