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Re: [ecf-dev] Thoughts about ECF connection ui

Hi Scott and Erkki,

> Also, what facility should provide auto-connect at startup? I
> personally think that auto-connect should have no dependencies on UI
> or wizards in particular (but a wizard should be able to specify that
> auto-connect should be used. (Note: I have no idea how it currently
> works, maybe it already is as I described?)

There is currently a 'startup' extension point in org.eclipse.ecf that
allows extensions to register themselves as having Jobs  to execute upon
ECF startup (the loading/start of the ECF core plugin).  Is this what
you mean?  The current connect dialog check box uses this mechanism and
I expect the new ones can/will as well.

Some direct clarifications would be helpful as to whether you meant
the workbench or ECF because there is a difference between the
workbench starting and the ECF core starting. Since OSGi loads bundles
on demand, ECF will not be loaded until you invoke an action on the
workbench that requires the ECF plugin. Things like clicking on the
ECF menu or expanding the ECF category in 'Show View' dialog does not
count. ECF will be loaded when you pop up the connection dialog though
(that being, after you actually open a view that uses ECF or actually
_click_ on the menu item), since, obviously, those components have a
dependency on org.eclipse.ecf.ui, which has a dependency
org.eclipse.ecf, so ECFPlugin will be activated/instantiated and the
start(BundleContext) method will be called accordingly.

So if you want your service to load up once the Eclipse _workbench_
loads up, you should use the org.eclipse.ui.startup extension point
instead of org.eclipse.ecf.startup. Naturally, org.eclipse.ecf.startup
would technically work if you had an ECF view or something open within
your workbench since OSGi will activate the org.eclipse.ecf plug-in
while rendering the view when the workbench starts, but hooking to the
ecf startup extension point is not going to cut it otherwise.


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