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[ecf-dev] 0.9.3 release imminent -- please review

Hi Folks,

This round of refactoring ECF is nearly completed, and it's about time to get 0.9.3 stable out. The refactoring a worthy improvement as the core bundles are smaller, better able to run on a variety of execution environments, simpler, with more consistent and clearer naming conventions, and with much more documentation. Here is the API refactoring plan that was used to start this:

This is a backward-compatibility-breaking release, however, as there are major API changes that will require package and class renames in client code. I expect this will be the last time this happens until 2.0 for the core APIs. There *will* be the addition of the bbapi, and major changes/additions to the call API, but I'm hoping to keep the identity, core, datashare, filetransfer, presence, sharedobject, and remoteservice APIs stable as much as possible to concentrate on apps, UI, and provider implementations. Further, servers based upon old code will not interoperate with new clients, and vice versa, so we will be updating the ecftcp:// shortly after 0.9.3 is out.

Please review things and provide bug reports and/or further enhancement requests. All of this work is leading to the point where we and others can begin new application-level efforts and depend upon stable but sufficiently rich communications APIs, yet be able to extend the APIs in appropriate and necessary ways.

Please review, comment on things publicly (here and/or ecf-dev) and report bugs or enhancement requests to:

A draft new and noteworthy detailing many of the refactoring changes can be found here:

Note this is a draft and I'm working on it right now (11/10/2006) so please let me know about omissions, errors, desired changes and I will correct.

The latest source can be accessed here via project set files:

The new javadocs can be found here:

Please let me know directly if you find any problems with accessing the above resources.



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