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Re: [ecf-dev] Thoughts about ECF connection ui

Hi Erkki,

Erkki Lindpere wrote:
I think this is a good idea, but providing a default implementation
that can be easily extended would be good.

I agree completely. I neglected to say that I would expect there to be an implementations of IConnectWizard and/or IConnectWizardPage in org.eclipse.ecf.ui packages (and these could extend the JFace impls of Wizard, etc).

I don't like the current situation where I have to describe what the
UI looks like in the container factory extension point.


Also, what facility should provide auto-connect at startup? I
personally think that auto-connect should have no dependencies on UI
or wizards in particular (but a wizard should be able to specify that
auto-connect should be used. (Note: I have no idea how it currently
works, maybe it already is as I described?)

There is currently a 'startup' extension point in org.eclipse.ecf that allows extensions to register themselves as having Jobs to execute upon ECF startup (the loading/start of the ECF core plugin). Is this what you mean? The current connect dialog check box uses this mechanism and I expect the new ones can/will as well.

I think it should follow the tradition of IConfigurationWizard,
INewWizard, IImportWizard, IExportWizard by extending IWizard, not

Yeah, that's my inclination too.



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