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[ecf-dev] Thoughts about ECF connection ui

Hi Folks,

I'm contemplating creating a new extension point for the ECF ui plugin called "org.eclipse.ecf.ui.connectConfigurationWizards". This extension point would allow provider plugins (or other plugins) to define wizards UIs for collecting information necessary to call


The extension would be required to provide an implementation class for this new interface:

package:  org.eclipse.ecf.ui.IConnectWizard

public interface IConnectWizard extends IWizard {

    public void init(IWorkbench workbench, IContainer containerToConnect);


Then, in a new ECF connect dialog it would be possible to select the desired provider, and get extensions in registry implementing this extension point (for matching types/provider names of IContainers). When found, the above init method would be called with the selected/created container instance, and the implementation would define wizard pages, appropriate input widgets, get appropriate info (for ID construction) from UI and call the IContainer.connect method (and handle/display errors, etc).

What do people think about this approach? Any comments? It would allow us/others to decouple the connect UI from the provider implementation, although it *could* be defined by the provider as well (if the provider needs/wants to have a particular connect dialog that collects certain information from user for making a connection). We could have the existing ECF connect dialog as a default, so that if a given provider can/wants to use that (where the resulting params for connect are a String or URI...for ID...and a String password).

In some ways, this is intended to be similar to the Team UI extension point are used to collect configuration information (e.g. hostname, username, port, password, protocol, etc) for connection to team providers (like CVS).

One other thought/question that I had:

Should IConnectWizard instead be IConnectWizardPage (extending IWizardPage)?

Let me know what you think.


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