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[dtp-dev] Broken links on DTP download page (was Re: [EXTERNAL] - Change 119275 in datatools/org.eclipse.datatools[master]: Add support for Oracle 12)

Thanks for noticing this typo, and for coming to check out the latest DTP. 

Seems like it was half a year ago that I merged your changes - glad to see you're going to use it! :P

I've submitted a fix to the website to update the links, but for reference here's where you'll find the latest:

For example here's the stuff for Eclipse 4.11 / Simrel 2019-03 in progress: (look for the zip or the repository/ folder in there)



On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 2:15 PM ShiHeng Guan <guans@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Nick,

I am trying to retrieve datatools version the changes but the repository links are broken on :

These two:
1.14.102 (Simrel 2018-09): update site or repo zip
1.14.100 (Photon): update site or repo zip

I need to use the 1.14.102 or latest.  Maven cannot load the repository.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] - Change 119275 in datatools/org.eclipse.datatools[master]: Add support for Oracle 12

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Change subject: Add support for Oracle 12 ......................................................................

Patch Set 2:

Don't bother -- the CQ has been approved for the whole contribution as is.

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