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Re: [dtp-dev] Any chance to include an eclipse data tools patch for a severe issue?

Wow, that patch is nearly 2 years old. 

I've converted it to a gerrit request. DTP isn't on github, it's on

Here's the gerrit:

And here's the test-build:

If that passes and no one objects to the change (this list is mostly ignored these days) I can merge it into DTP 1.14.104. 

On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 11:36 AM Patric Rufflar <patric@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Nick,

do you see any chance to commit the patch for eclipse data tools bug?

(patch attached in the bugzilla).

The patch will fix ODA XML xpath handling which uses a filter clause
which is broken since years.
I would submit a PR, but unfortunately datatools project seems to be not
on github.

- Patric


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