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[dsdp-tm-dev] Usability issues with RSE and remote FTP storage

Hi there.

First of all i'd like to thank you for developing this great product!

I started to use Eclipse few hours ago, before that i was using Komodo Edit for couple of years.

I'm working with lots of PHP-code located on the remote filesystems, primarily at FTP sites.

I've installed RSE exactly for this purpose and started to encounter some odd behavior.

First of all, when i work with php-files, opened from the remote FTP-server, it doesn't support code-completion.
Practically all php-functions are just gone from the code-suggest system.
I was able to fix this only by editing "RemoteSystemsTempFiles" project directory merging it with new "PHP Project" manually. It doesn't look like a reasonable solution to me - is there a better way to enable code-completion for php-code?

The second issue is that i open some file from the remote FTP filesystem e.g. "/index.php". I update some code. Then i try to save it, but it can't be saved due to the access permissions of the remote filesystem.
Error message emerged. So far ok, it's expected. I close the tab.
But when i open this file again (double-clicking on it on the remote explorer) it is not an actual file from the remote filesystem! It is a local copy updated by me! And i can't find a way to load current file from the remote location. The only way is to clear project directory from local content and then restart the IDE.

When i open file from the remote location i expect to retrieve the actual version of this file, not some local copy, or at least be asked what version do i really want to open. Is there a way to disable this strange caching behavior?

Please advise. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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