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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] Usability issues with RSE and remote FTP storage


For (1) code completion, see

Feel free to edit the Wiki to better reflect the question and answer.

For (2) error when saving to the remote, note that if your request were
implemented, it would always mean loss of data since the person who
tried to save the file (but failed to) would lose all changes. Our
assumption is that when you modified a file and tried to save it, your
modifications are more precious than the remote contents and you'd work
on resolving the permission problem rather than just getting remote
contents again.

For a "synchronize cache" operation, see

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
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Hi there.

First of all i'd like to thank you for developing this great product!

I started to use Eclipse few hours ago, before that i was using Komodo
Edit for couple of years.

I'm working with lots of PHP-code located on the remote filesystems,
primarily at FTP sites.

I've installed RSE exactly for this purpose and started to encounter
some odd behavior.

First of all, when i work with php-files, opened from the remote
FTP-server, it doesn't support code-completion.
Practically all php-functions are just gone from the code-suggest
I was able to fix this only by editing "RemoteSystemsTempFiles" project
directory merging it with new "PHP Project" manually.
It doesn't look like a reasonable solution to me - is there a better way
to enable code-completion for php-code?

The second issue is that i open some file from the remote FTP filesystem
e.g. "/index.php".
I update some code. Then i try to save it, but it can't be saved due to
the access permissions of the remote filesystem.
Error message emerged. So far ok, it's expected. I close the tab.
But when i open this file again (double-clicking on it on the remote
explorer) it is not an actual file from the remote filesystem!
It is a local copy updated by me! And i can't find a way to load current
file from the remote location.
The only way is to clear project directory from local content and then
restart the IDE.

When i open file from the remote location i expect to retrieve the
actual version of this file, not some local copy, or at least be asked
what version do i really want to open. Is there a way to disable this
strange caching behavior?

Please advise. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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