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Re: [dsdp-tm-dev] netconsole

From a brief look at the docs, it looks like netconsole should work like this:
  1.) Setup some host on which you run netcat (nc) to accept netconsole from your target, and present it like a telnet port to your clients as yourhost:yourport
  2.) In TM Terminal, use the Telnet connector to connect to yourhost:yourport
Since Netconsole initiates the connection, it requires some daemon to listen on the host. Netcat (nc) will do that for you; but it should also be possible to write your own terminal connector service to implement a listening server for netconsole.
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Similar to the serial console, is there something like a netconsole support on eclipse target management window? I see the ssh, serial & telnet currently. 
In an embedded device I use, I could communicate using serial console or through a netconsole mechanism. I was thinking of a way to move that from a terminal
to the eclipse (similar to serial), so basically I could do the Uboot or Linux shell prompt entirely through the console of my choice.

Here is the link for my device that runs uC-LInux and U boot: 

Any thought are welcome.


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