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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: RCP status

Hello Uday,

Thanks for the info. I agree that PluginTransfer should be the preferred
method -- for the next release we're going to file bugs also against
Platform / Common Navigator, Project Explorer to support PluginTransfer.

For the 2.0RC2 tag - we're not tagging the entire repository for milestones, we're only tagging the Mapfiles (in the project). So I'd recommend you just get HEAD,
it's not going to change much until we release 2.0 (which will have
a tag on the entire repository again).

If you want 2.0RC2 exactly, you need to
  * Sync the Mapfile project to 2.0RC2
  * Get the Releng.Tools plugin from the Eclipse platform Download Page
  * Create a project 'org.eclipse.releng' with a linked resource folder
    'maps' pointing to
  * Select all projects, Team -> Replace with released

Or, you just get the RSE-SDK-2.0RC2 download and import the plugins
and features from the target platform (then you work on the sources
that we ship as part of our SDK).


Uday Kabe schrieb:

I cannot see the 2.0RC2 tag in CVS. If you can add this tag, I will check out RC2 from CVS and test it out. I did install S2_0M6a into my Eclipse installation (i.e., not in my RCP product), and I did not see the problem 1 I mentioned in my last post, however problem 3 seems to still exist. I am keeping a eye on problem 2. The ultimate test for me will be when I get the RSE code into my product but I still need to complete my migration to 3.3 before I can do that.

As far as generalizing the DND code, the issue is that I have modified SystemView to use LocalTransfer as one of its transfer types. This is an EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) specific class which handles DND with IStructuredSelection data. RSE would end up with a dependency on the EMF plugins, probably not what you want at this point.

Eclipse's "official" general mechanism is the use of PluginTransferData, but I had trouble getting RSE's implementation to work in combination with my code. That's why I had to add the LocalTransfer to the SystemView's transfer types. The problem was that PluginTransferData's callback was not being activated as expected. I had already spent a day or two on this problem, after which I decided I didn't have time to troubleshoot the issue further so I took the route of using LocalTransfer which works just fine for me. My suggestion would be to get the PluginTransferData mechanism to work. Per Eclipse docs, the use of PluginTransferData should generalize DND for use with other views whose implementors would provide the necessary callback.


Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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