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[dsdp-tm-dev] Re: RCP status

Thanks Uday.

If you can, please test your app with TM 2.0RC2 -- the
filter issue should be gone thanks to new persistence
providers and avoiding duplicate queries.

Would you consider the code you have added to the drag&drop
generic enough so it should go into the original distro?

> Hello Martin, Dimitry,
> Sorry, I have not responded sooner, but I have not visited this group for a
> while.
> I am using the following RSE plugins in my RCP application:
> org.eclipse.rse.connectorservice.local v20070328
> org.eclipse.rse.connectorservice.ssh v20070328
> org.eclipse.rse.core v20070401
> org.eclipse.rse.files.ui v20070401
> v20070221
> v20070402
> v20070402
> v20070224
> org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core v20070401
> org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.ftp v20070401
> org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.local v20070401
> org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.ssh v20070401
> org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.shells.core v20070328
> org.eclipse.rse.ui v20070401
> By using RSE, my RCP application is probably not a "pure" RCP application > any more because many of the above plugins depend (directly or indirectly) > upon org.eclipse.ui.ide which adds its own menus, perspectives, preferences, > etc., thereby "polluting" my RCP application. Because of this, I have had
> to re-structure my Application and Advisor classes to handle menus and
> preferences the same way that the IDE does.
> Of the above plugins, only the following are independent of the IDE:
> org.eclipse.rse.core
> I use RSE to provide FTP/SFTP filesystems as drop targets/destinations for > export of Lotus Notes data. I have made minimal modifications (5 lines of
> code to to the RSE plugins, so I don't
> really have any sample code to provide. Here is what I have added to handle
> drop data of type IStructuredSelection:
> private ArrayList getSourceObjects(Object data) {
> /***added code show below***/
> + else if (data instanceof IStructuredSelection) {
> + // return a list of filepaths
> + RseDragAndDropExportOperation op = new RseDragAndDropExportOperation();
> + srcObjects.addAll(op.getExportFileList((IStructuredSelection)data));
> + _sourceType = SystemDNDTransferRunnable.SRC_TYPE_OS_RESOURCE;
> + }
> }
> I should mention that I have to fix an RSE problem which occurs when I start > my RCP app, add an FTP connection in the SystemView, save the user ID and
> password, and exit and restart my app. The following happens:
> 1. I see two sets of "My Home" and "Root" nodes under the "Files" subnode
> 2. Occasionally, I have to re-enter and re-save the password. It's as if
> the password has been forgotten after some time.
> 3. The FTP node's auto-expand behavior is not alway exhibited.
> I hope I have been of some help.
> Uday

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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