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[dsdp-tm-dev] Moving forward towards TM 2.0RC3 and RELEASE

Hi all,

here's again a reminder and policy for how I think we
should be going forward towards TM 2.0RC3 and our release.

1. Bugzilla Cleanup.
   DaveM and Kushal, you still have some bugs assigned to
   2.0RC2 milestone. Please review these and assign a proper
   target milestone in line with the guidelines outlined 

2. Testing.
   Test and Use TM / RSE ourselves. The quality focus of this
   release should be that TM / RSE is usable for day-to-day
   work without any major glitches like hanging the IDE,
   duplicate or stale data after refresh, actions (rename,
   delete, ..) not performed on the remote as expected.
   Please focus on remote file operations, editing and the
   EFS integration as well as using RSE in your commercial
   products -- that's what most people will be using.

3. Documentation.
   Focus on documenting and prioritizing the problems we 
   find. We will only perform hi-priority, safe fixes but
   doing so means that we need to look at the issues we
   find and prioritize them.
   Documentation also means writing API Docs for the current
   state of our APIs where behavior of methods is unclear.
   Document the current state rather than changing it.

4. Bugfixing.
   According to our ramp down plan, all bug fixes need to
   be "reviewed for appropriateness and risk". We need to 
   focus on fixing the hi-priority / major bugs first. Once
   these are resolved, I'm also ok with fixing less major
   problems, provided that the bugfix is simple and safe.

Javier and DaveD don't currently have any hi-priority bugs
assigned, so I'd appreciate if you could also have a look
at the hi-priority things and check if there is anything
you can help out with.

If not, you can work on lower-priority bugs and prepare
patches, but don't forget that writing documentation is
also important. We still have many Javadoc Compiler warnings
that should be resolved, and I'd like that all API classes
and interfaces include a note whether instantiation and
subclassing by clients are supported -- see

FYI, here is the release checklist that the Platform team uses:
we're on pretty good track with most points but there is still
work to do.

Let's go for it!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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