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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSE 1.0 Testing round 2 - daily bulletin

Dear testers,

yesterday has been pretty quiet: from 35 bugs we grew to 43, submitted as part of the testing effort. We are still short from the 1st round of testing, where we found 55 bugs. Burak Kulakli and George A. Papayannis have already submitted a "finished" E-Mail -- thanks to you folks, I appreciated this very much since it helped me understand what you
completed. Your contribution was really great!

*What's worrying me is that the following folks have not yet edited the Wiki* or
submitted any report, so I'm assuming you have not yet started any testing:
*Greg Watson, Dave Dykstal, Ted Williams*. Folks - please let us know if you can do some testing or not. If you don't have time that's ok; but just like when you cannot join a party you've agreed to come to, *please do send us a note* letting us know you can't come. If, on the other hand you did do your assigned tests but did not find any bugs,
please send a "completed" E-mail and edit the Wiki.

The following folks have submitted bug reports but not yet given their "ok" in the Test Matrix on the Wiki: *Sumit Sarkar, Michael Scharf, Uwe Stieber*. Please update the Wiki, to let us know how much time you invested, and what features you were
able to test. Thanks!

The following people have submitted bug reports but not used the predefined
bugzilla template: *Javier Montalvo, Michael Scharf, Dave McKnight, Kushal
Munir, Sumit Sarkar*. Note that it's important for us to fully understand on what platforms exactly you have tested, so I'd appreciate if you could copy & paste a platform description like the bugzilla template to the bug reports you have filed.

*Since we've started the testing one day later than planned, I'm adding today to the official test phase. Please complete your testings and let us know (by Wiki or E-Mail) when you
are finished.
Finally, let me give a big hands to Burak Kulakli. He joined the test voluntarily, and submitted 10 great bug reports in just 3 hours of testing - "I did this in my 2 lunch breaks". What's more, he was always transparent, sending E-Mail and editing the Wiki to let others know what he was doing and when he was done. Thanks for this extremely helpful contribution! I guess that if RSE were a commercial product, you'd have earned a free license for lifetime :-)

I know that Burak's contribution is exceptional, but when I look at a total of 55 committed hours of testing according to the Matrix, I'd be expecting 180 bug reports in total for this round of testing... or is RSE really so good already that only the most suspicious eyes
can still spot a bug? :-)


Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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