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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSE 1.0 Testing round 2 - daily bulletin

Dear RSE testers,

the test is going really well so far - we've got *35 new bugs filed already*, and all of them are new issues we didn't know about so far. Thats REALLY good work! Special thanks to Burak Kulakli, Yu-Fen Kuo and Michael Scharf who filed 10 reports or more each. If you are interested in the statistics, the links for generating the reports are at the
bottom of the test signup matrix page on the Wiki.

*The downside of this test is, that many of you have not yet edited the Wiki page* with the test assignments. Again, our users - Norbert Ploett, Burak Kulakli and Yu-Fen Kuo - have shown what we commiters should do as well: edit the table, change a feature or time commitment, and put our "ok" in front of it. Committers, please step up too! For a time commitment of 4 hours made by a commiter, I'd expect to see at least
4 bugs or enhancement requests filed.

Let me emphasise again how important it is that we get good test coverage, and we'll
ABOUT TO TEST. I've seen some of you file reports about features not yet signed up (e.g. Remote Search, filed by Michael Scharf and Burak Kulakli). PLEASE EDIT
THE WIKI TABLE to let the others know that you have looked at Remote Search
or whatever else you've been testing.

Click now!

I've seen some committers get involved with the bug reporters right away to clarify issues and fix bugs. It's great to do so while the knowledge about what testers did is still fresh - please continue doing so. But also, don't forget to do some test work yourselves. The advantage of being involved after the other testers is, that you can pick those features that nobody has looked at so far. Again - PLEASE EDIT THE
WIKI to let others know what you are looking at. And enable WATCH on the
Wiki to get informed when others pick some features.

Thanks again for all your involvement!

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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