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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSE Discovery service

Hi there,
do we have a document available describing what the discovery service
is, what it is supposed to do and especially what it is not supposed to
do or used for?

I made my way through most of the eMail regarding this service and my
impression is that this service is explicitly targeting finding/lookup
services/subsystems a _known_ target is providing. Things like target
have ftp server or not, target have ssh server or not etc.
This service does not deal or plan to deal with a kind of task detecting
available "connection server/stores" in the network and making the
discovered/detected connections automatically available for the local
user within the remote system explorer view. Is that so far correct or
have I overread an information in the eMail threads?

Thanks in advance,

Uwe Stieber
Member of Technical Staff
Engineering - Wind River Systems - Austria

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