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[dsdp-tm-dev] RSE 1.0 Testing round 2 - final reports requested

Dear testers,

End of last week, we got a new tester hero -- Ted Williams of Windriver filed a total of 16 bug reports, including 1 critical and 1 major bug. Thanks Ted! Including your reports, we found a total of 58 bugs in this round of testing, 3 more than in the first

Coordinated testing of RSE is now officially closed, but of course you can feel free
to report more bugs if you find them.

I'm happy that we could find so many bugs, and we'll strive hard to fix as many as
possible for the RSE 1.0 release.

Some of you might have wondered why we are still looking for more bugs, even though there are so many known already. The point is, that it's important to KNOW all the bugs that are there - only like that we'll be able to focus on the important, hi-priority ones. Otherwise, we might waste our time on lo-prioirty bugs while there
are still some undetected really bad ones in the product!

I'm quite happy about the coverage we were able to achieve, it looks like most relevant parts of RSE have been exposed to testing - thanks to people like Burak,
Ted, George and Michael who have shown excellent contribution.

Finishing off this round of testing, I'm asking again final reports from you. Looking at the bug reports I got, it is pretty obvious that some of you did NOT fulfill the promises they had given during signup; that's sad, but it's important now to understand what HAS been tested and what has not been tested, so we know where we'll still
need to look.

So, please give your final reports by replying:

* How much time did you actually invest in this round of testing?

* What features did you test?

* Did you ever look at the test plan at
  in order to get ideas for your testing?

* Only if you tested some client or target platforms and did
  NOT report bugs for them: What connection types, or
  client platforms did you test?

Thanks for all your support!

You might have seen that I've blogged about our testing initiative:
Feel free to give comments also there if you want.


Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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